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Ghost Nameless Ghouls Adult Resin Mask, Gray | Trick or Treat Studios

Ghost Nameless Ghouls Adult Resin Mask, Gray | Trick or Treat Studios


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Too Much to Face Whether you’re into the highly successful Swedish metal band called Ghost, or you’re just someone who appreciates solid stage presence, you can’t doubt the effectiveness of every member of the band wearing masks while on stage. It’s really creepy, it’s offputting, it pairs really well with the music, and can send shivers down your spine. In addition to all those things, this Adult Ghost Nameless Ghouls Mask is just a really great mask in general! Good masks are hard to find. Seriously, you can use it to amp up the creepiness of your ghoulish costume, or have your band wear it on-stage in a tribute to Ghost to creep out your audience. You can’t really fail with a mask this aggressively demonic. Fun Details This fearsome mask has holes for your eyes and nose holes so you can breath, and covers up everything else (not great if you’re the lead singer). The resin-based mask was sculpted by Jason King and has some interior padding for comfort. Trust us, it’s dark, as dark as.

Additional Information

  • Brand Trick Or Treat Studios
  • Manufacturer Trick Or Treat Studios
  • Color Gray

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