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3-Piece Long Straight Ombre Grey/White Hair Extensions

3-Piece Long Straight Ombre Grey/White Hair Extensions


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Try This for a Spell!Need to get a wicked witchy look, and fast? We’ve got you covered. This black and white ombre look used to only happen after years of communicating with the underworld. You don’t want to see what all that bubble, bubble, toil, and trouble does to your skin tone! Not to mention the animal rights side of things. You can’t get away with regularily stocking eye of newt and wing of bat these days without getting plenty of grief from your vegan friends. So, if you’re uninterested in inviting the attention of underworld demons but you’re long for the perfect hair to go with your elegant yet spooky look this Halloween, you should seriously consider these hair extensions. Product DetailsYou’ll find that these three of these black, silver and white ombre hair extensions are super easy to integrate into your do. Simply pin them under your normal locks and you’ll be ready to head to your annual coven meeting, no eye of newt needed!Those Wicked Little DetailsIf you’ve perused through our site then you know we’ve got something for anyone who’s into the scary and sophisticated side of things. So if you want to be fabulous this Halloween you can pair these extensions with any costume from a skeleton dress to a mummy ensemble. No matter what costume you’re wearing, when you’ve got these extensions, you know the wicked little details that make your costume special are covered!

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